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Window Cleaning Squeegee 12 Inch Blue 7030
3M Stripping Floor Pad 430mm Black (Pack of 5) 2ndBK17
3M Buffing Floor Pad 430mm Red (Pack of 5) 2nd RD17
Numatic Vacuum Cleaner Bags (Pack of 10) 604016
Numatic Henry Vacuum Cleaner 620W HVR160 Red 902395
Black and Decker Wet and Dry Cordless Dustbuster 7.2V WDB215WA
SYR Floor Maintenance Pads 15inch/381mm Red (Pack of 5) 940103
SYR Floor Maintenance Pads 16inch/406mm Blue (Pack of 5) 940119
SYR Floor Maintenance Pads 17inch/432nn White (Pack of 5) 940130
SYR Floor Maintenance Pads 13inch/330mm Green (Pack of 5) 940773
SYR Floor Maintenance Pads 19inch/483mm Red (Pack of 5) 940811
SYR Floor Maintenance Pads 20inch/508mm Red (Pack of 5) 940812
SYR Floor Maintenance Pads 19inch/483mm Black (Pack of 5) 940824
SYR Floor Maintenance Pads 13inch/330mm Tan (Pack of 5) 940837
SYR Floor Maintenance Pads 13inch/330mm White (Pack of 5) 940851
SYR Floor Maintenance Pads 19inch/483mm White (Pack of 5) 940852
3M Polishing Floor Pad 380mm White (Pack of 5) 2NDWH15
3M Polishing Floor Pad 430mm White (Pack of 5) 2NDWH17
3M Scrubbing Floor Pad 380mm Green (Pack of 5) 2ndGN15
3M Scrubbing Floor Pad 430mm Green (Pack of 5) 2NDGN17
3M Stripping Floor Pad 380mm Black (Pack of 5) 2ndBK15
3M Buffing Floor Pad 380mm Red (Pack of 5) 2nd RD15
Numatic Charles Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Blue CVC370
Numatic George 3-in-1 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Green 825714
Numatic Hetty Vacuum Cleaner Pink HET160-11 902289
Karcher Professional Upright Vacuum Cleaner CV 30/1 1.023-117.0
Karcher T 9/1 Bp Dry Vacuum Cleaner Cordless With Battery 1.528-122.0
Karcher BR 30/4 C Scrubber Drier 1.783-224.0
Karcher Professional Carpet Upholstery Cleaner Puzzi 8/1 1.100-227.0
Numatic Henry Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Red 900076
Numatic PSP180 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner 620W 8L Blue PSP.180-11
Numatic PPR240 Mains Vacuum Cleaner 620W 9L Red PPR.240-11
Numatic Vacuum Cleaner Bags For Henry Vacuum Cleaners (Pack of 10) KNI1C
Numatic NX300 Lithium Battery Charging Dock 911334
Numatic NBV190NX Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 8L 350W NBV.190/1
Numatic NBV240NX Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 9L 350W NBV.240/1
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